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  • If you would like to try out the latest fixes and features, try our latest BETA build. You can join the TestFlight beta using the following link (https://testflight.apple.com/join/8CFowBzf). Follow the instructions and get the latest! TestFlight is a tool provided by Apple Inc. to allow developers to give their users a first shot at new features. Version 1.07 has the following features and fixes so far. New Features * User Created Packages - Now you can create your own letter and word lists and train the way you want to train. Look for "My Packages" in the Package list. * Shared Packages - Think others will benefit from what you've created, make your package public. Look for "Public Packages" in the Package list. * Added user accounts to save your custom packages and allow you to find and use public packages shared by others. User accounts will be used to save last level and progress. * Added Listen Speed setting, so playback can be set faster or slower separate from tap speed. Fixes * Fixed audio scratching sound. * Fixed issue that caused the same letter to appear twice in a row. * Fixed sizing issues on iPhone X model phones. New builds and additional changes will be posted here.
  • MorseZapp Package Format Specification Below describes the MorseZapp package JSON format used for level training. Each package consists of the package properties, a list of levels, and for each level, a list of words/letters to display to the user. Package Definition setting : Must be unique. Used to identify the package. name : The name of the package as displayed to the user. testing : If true, will only be displayed in development builds. enabled : If false, will not be displayed to the user. free : If true, allowed without unlock. index : The index of the package. Not used. levels : An array of levels in the package. Level Definition repeat : How many times to repeat the words before the level is complete. The user must successfully tap out each word. spawn_speed : How quickly the next word displays in seconds. speed_reduce : How many milliseconds to subtract from the word drop speed on each repeat. remove_hints : If true, all audio and symbol hints will not be displayed on the next iteration of the list of words. training : Not used. show_help_letter : Not used. message : The message to display to the user when the level starts. random : A list of letters to randomly display between each level word. words : A list of words to drop down for the level. This list of words is repeated the number of "repeat" and speed up by "speed_reduce" milliseconds. Random Definition list : A list of letters to choose from when a random letter is dropped. speed_low : The minimum speed to set, randomized between speed_low and speed_high. speed_high : The maximum speed to set. chance : The probability a random number will display. Word Definition score : Not used. word : The letter or word to drop. speed_low : The minimum speed to set, randomized between speed_low and speed_high. speed_high : The maximum speed to set. show_pattern : Display a pattern hint to the user. play_pattern : Play the morse code to the user. Example { "setting": "sample", "name": "Sample Package", "testing": false, "enabled": true, "free": true, "index": 0, "levels": [ { "repeat": 3, "spawn_speed": 8, "speed_reduce": 150, "remove_hints": true, "training": true, "show_help_letter": false, "message": "Level Message", "random": { "list": [], "speed_low": 200, "speed_high": 200, "chance": 50 }, "words": [ { "score": 1, "word": "a", "speed_low": 600, "speed_high": 600, "show_pattern": true, "play_pattern": true } ] } ] }

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