A great way to learn Morse Code
MorseZapp is a great way for learn morse code.  A new kind of morse code / CW trainer.  Each level challenges you to learn the correct sequence of dots and dashes to zap the letter before it hits the bottom.  You tap the dot and dash sequence on the tap pad at the bottom.  Sound hints and visual hints help you with beginner levels.


MorseZapp progresses you through the letters, increasing the challenge to tap out the correct sequence before it's too late. 


MorseZapp will play the sound of the dots and dashes.  You must select the correct letter before it hits the bottom. 


Several packages to choose from.  Each package helps you learn specific letter sequences, numbers, and words to increase your morse code skills.


More packages will be added all the time.  Don't see a package you want?  Just contact us and let us know how we can improve the game.

Have an idea for a word list for MorseZapp Morse Code trainer?  Help us design and develop a custom package for you to help you learn.

Beta Program

If you would like to try the latest features and help us improve MorseZapp, sign up for our Beta using TestFlight. Click the button below on your iPhone to get started.

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