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I tap dots, but get dashes. What am I doing wrong?

Dots in MorseZapp are based on the "dot duration" setting. If you tap at this speed or faster, the tap will count as a dot. Anything longer than that will count as a dash. The dash duration is 3X the dot duration, so getting the timing correct is critical. If you are tapping dashes, but they are coming through as dots instead, you are not tapping long enough and are under the dot duration. In settings, try reducing the dot duration until it feels right for your experience level.

What is the Listen Speed?

The Listen Speed (Version 1.07 or higher) is how quickly the dots and dashes are played back when MorseZapp sounds out the morse code. If you want to listen faster to the morse code, lower this setting. If it's too fast, increase the setting. This setting is used mostly in the Listen and Guess packages, where it plays the morse code and you have to select the correct letter.

What is the Difficulty Setting?

The difficulty setting increases or decreases the speed at which letters drop from the top to the bottom. If you want more of a challenge, change it to hard. If you want more time to get the morse code correct, make it easy.

What are Packages?

Packages are groups of Levels. Choose the package you want to learn and it will start at Level One in that level. To complete a package, you need to get all the levels correct. New packages will be added in the future and we are always happy to hear your ideas on new packages.

What are Levels?

Each package has several levels. Each level has a number of words and letters, repeated at certain rates and speeds. This is to help you learn morse code and specific phrases or words that are common in morse code.

What is Dot Duration?

Dot duration is very important. This is the speed at which you tap in order for a dot to be registered. Any tap below this speed is counted as a dot. Anything greater than this speed is considered a dash. To get it perfect, the dash should be 3X the duration of the dot duration setting. The spacing between dots and dashes is also the dot duration. Therefore, if you wait too long between your dots and dashes, it will reset and you will need to start over. If you wait too long, the letter will reset also. Timing and rythm are critical in MorseZapp to get the letter correct. Listen to the sounds played and try to match that rythm. This will help you code correctly. If it's too slow for you, you can adjust the dot duration setting.

Where can I get more help?

We are happy to hear from you and are quick to respond to questions and provide help. You can contact us via our Contact Us form, or chat with us by using the "Let's Chat!" button at the bottom of our pages.

Split Tap bad or Normal Tap Pad?

In settings, you can turn on/off split tap pad. Split tap pad separates the dot and dash input making it easier to input a dot or dash without timing consideration. This is good for memorization. Turning off the split tap pad reverts to a single pad that requires you to hold the pad for the dot duration or dash duration to get the correct input.

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