Simple Profit is an app that helps you calculate the cost of production for any goods that you make. Using this tool you can zero in on production costs and  calculate profit margins. 


Keep track of all the materials you use in your business.  Enter the costs and measured quantities so that any changes are reflected immediately in your products.


Export your product data to CSV format for easy import to your favorite spreadsheet application.  Send the profit data to others via any supported iOS app.


See all of your products at a glance on the main screen.  Instantly see what products are profitable and at what margins.  Changing material quantities immediately reflect profit changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Product?

A Product is the finished good that you make or sell. You define what your product is, how much you sell it for, and how many of a product the materials produce (Yield). The product is made up of a number of materials and quantities of those materials, which will be totalled up as your cost.

How do I add a new Material to my Product?

To add a material to a Product follow these simple steps:

  1. If the material doesn't already exist, create it using the Materials Tab.
  2. Expand your Product by tapping the arrow at the bottom of the Product.
  3. Tap the "Materials" link at the bottom. The Material Quantities page is displayed.
  4. Tap the "+" button. Enter the quantity and Material to add to the product and then Tap "Save".

How is profit calculated?

Your product's Gross is calculated by taking the Sell Price of the Product multiplied by the Yield. Next, the Product's Total Cost is then calculated by summing all of the Material Costs, Added Cost, and Cost per Hour multiplied by Production Time. Finally, your profit is calcuated by subtracting the Total Cost from the Selling Price minus any Tax you have entered. Profit = (Sell Price * Yield) - (Material Cost + Added Cost + (Cost per Hour * Production Time)) - Tax

How do I track labor?

The best way to track labor is to add it as a Material cost. You can add a new material called "Labor" with a "Unit" of "Hour" and a cost of your hourly rate. When you add materials to your product, you can choose a quantity for the Labor material in fractions of an hour or higher depending on your needs.

What is a Material?

Materials are all things used to make your product. They can be ingredients or other costs that make up your product, such as labor, travel, or rent. Materials allow you to define the unit of measure (lbs, cups, hours, rates, etc.) and how much it costs per measure (2.00 per lb, or 10.00 per Hour). When you create your Product, you can then add Material quantities to the Product to determine your total cost and profit.

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